I’m working on a big, detailed project so I might be away for a little bit while I’m doing that. Basically it’s a fully-lined brocade furisode (full length this time) and it will have an actual obi and accessories. If you’ve ever seen a girl dressed up for Coming of Age Day with a big, fluffy fur wrap and carefully chosen accessories for the occasion, that’s what I’m going for.

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(Lots of posts today) 

Is anyone else having troubles with Tata’s Paradise? I can’t even get on their webpage because my service provider (Century Link) apparently doesn’t think that’s a website that exists. Or it’s blocked or something. It’s been like this for months, but I haven’t really cared much until now because I want to look at freaking doll clothes. 

I know they have a Taobao shop, but I’m pretty sure they won’t sell to the agent I like to go through (or any agents, if they find out). 

It’s really frustrating because that’s the main place I want to look for stuff and I can’t even get to the website.

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That awkward moment when you bring your doll to your workplace to show a manager/fellow doll fan, and everyone else thinks that you’ve finally snapped and brought in a gun.

Maybe I should invest in a doll carrier that looks a little less like it’d have a rifle inside.

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I just want to go on a huge splurge. While I was doing that faceup yesterday, I think I’ve decided to name my RS girl Ren (it means “lotus flower”) and now there are all these things I want to do with her. Mostly, that means getting her a legit, fully-accessorized kimono set. And a fancier wig. 

I’ve been thinking about giving her a little story, too, but I’ve always just kept it to “spooky Japanese paranormal thing that I can’t decide”. Maybe it’ll come in its own time, like the name (maybe. It’s been freakin’ two years, you’d think she’d have one by now.)

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There are so many people here with nice gardens, and every time I walk by (like, every day) I think about how cool it would be to take pictures of my dolls with their flowers. And then I think about how weird it would be to show up on somebody’s doorstep like “hey, I have a doll. Can I borrow your yard for a second?” I wish it wouldn’t be so weird. Maybe I can coax somebody into going to the botanical gardens with me—they do have a pretty koi pond there and different themed garden areas, so that might make for nice photos.

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Okay, well the glue for the eyelashes is drying, so maybe I’ll have time for pictures afterward. I went ahead and sanded the head smoother after taking off the old faceup, because when I did the initial mods I left a few things rough and it showed. I also opened the eyes just a little bit more because I just like doing that. Hopefully my camera will pick up the colors right, but I doubt it will.

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I’m considering re-doing my Li’s faceup today. I really like the one she currently has, but the blushing looks kinda smeared in some places and I can probably do a better job of it now. Hopefully.

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"While looking online for doll eyes, what did I happen to spy with my little eye? An item for sale named ‘1/3 BJD doll (practicing makeup doll head)’ for $16, so curiously I went to have a closer look and found it was a CP Delf Chiwoo head (The vampire one I think) with 55 sold and over 10 available.. I’m not sure what to think or do about that.."

— #2102 (via recastconfessions)

It sounds like you’re looking on Ebay, so I recommend reporting the listings. It’s against Ebay’s ToS to sell bootleg items, especially without disclosing that information. It seems like more and more newbies are being tricked by listings on Ebay, and it makes me kinda sad to see. I mean, if my first step into the hobby was to accidentally buy a recast and be excluded from lots of places because of that, I would hate it.
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